2022 Carnival — tuesday thru Saturday
When is the Carnival?

The Carnival this year will be held in late June from Tuesday through Saturday.

This year it will be June 28-July 2.

Can I see the Carnival Ad?

View and hear the 2016 TV Ad

What is the cost to get on the Carnival Grounds? Because of the great support from area businesses, the Fireman's Gate is waived to get on the Carnival Grounds.

The gate fee is waived on all nights of Carnival.
What rides, games, or food stands are open during the matinee?`

All rides, games, and food stands are open during the Kiddee Matinees.

Where can I buy ride tickets? The rides are provided by C&L Rides and are available at marked ticket booths on the Carnival Grounds.
How much are ride tickets?

Ride-All-Day bracelets are $20 per rider for all evening shows.

What kind or rides are available at the Carnival?

There are approximately 12-14 rides available at Saxonburg Fireman's Carnival. The rides range from traditional merri-go-rounds, swings, to a wide variety of rides for all kids young and old. The rides are all open during any of the Carnival hours.