(Thursday, July 18 - 6:30PM EDT)

The parade will be held rain or shine.
The first units will begin promptly at 6:30 EDT
(NOTE: Start time).
Units are asked to report as indicated on return e-mails.
Stay tuned to Butler Radio stations or this Web site for further updates.


Unit Name
Line-Up Location
1YesPennsylvania State PoliceRebecca St.
2YesSaxonburg Police DepartmentRebecca St.
3YesButler County SheriffRebecca St
4YesKnoch High School Marching BandRoebling Park
5YesKnoch High School Varsity & JV CheerleadersRoebling Park
6YesSaxonburg Spartans CheerleadingRoebling Park
7YesKnoch FootballN. Isabella St.
8YesSaxonburg VFC - FireRebecca St.
9YesSaxonburg Sportsman's Raffle TrailerRebecca St.
10YesSaxonburg VFC - AmbulanceRebecca St.
11YesSaxonburg VFW #7376N. Isabella St.
12YesBuffalo Township VFCN. Isabella St.
13YesMiss Saxonburg CarRebecca St
13YesMiss Saxonburg Pageant ContestantsN. Isabella St.
14YesY-108Roebling Park
16YesSensations Marching UnitRoebling Park
17YesWinfield VFCN. Isabella St.
18YesStarz AcadamieRoebling Park
20YesThoma Meat MarketN. Isabella St.
21YesHerman VFCN. Isabella St.
22YesMarlene KelleyIsabella St.
23Yes1964 Raffle WinnerN. Isabella St.
23YesButler YMCA DiamondsRoebling Park
24YesMiddlesex VFCN. Isabella St.
25YesGolden TrianglesRoebling Park
26YesA-K PulserN. Isabella St.
27Yes1981 DeLorean DMC-12Isabella St.
28YesButler County HAZMAT TeamN. Isabella St.
29YesLernerville SpeedwayS. Isabella St.
31YesRadioactive Events Center Inc.N. Isabella St.
32YesMarkle Vol. Fire Dept. E. Water St.
33YesAllegheny Township Fire DepartmentE. Water St.
35YesHarrison Hills VFCE. Water St.
36YesJohn OscheN. Isabella St.
37YesCranberry Township VFCE. Water St.
38YesStars Drill TeamRoebling Park
39YesSummit HoseE. Water St.
40YesHis Kids SchoolN. Isabella St.
41YesSouth Buffalo Twp. VFD.E. Water St.
42YesTurner Dairy FarmsN. Isabella St.
43YesEast Butler VFD E. Water St.
44YesEast Butler EMSE. Water St.
45YesButler County Dairy PromotionN. Isabella St.
46YesWashington Township VFCE. Water St.
47YesButler ArrowsRoebling Park
48YesWest Deer #2E. Water St.
49YesPurvis Bros.N. Isabella St.
50YesLick Hill VFCE. Water St.
51YesMiss Butler County 2018N. Isabella St.
52YesCitizens Hose EMSE. Water St.
53YesTop Hats Baton and DrumRoebling Park
54YesWest Deer VFC # 3E. Water St.
55YesN. Washington Rodeo QueenE. Water St.
56YesNorth Washington VFCE. Water St.
57YesMiss Butler Fair QueenRebecca St.
58YesPortersville Volunteer EMSE. Water St.
59YesSweet RepeatsN. Isabella St.
60YesWest Deer VFD #1E. Water St.
61YesMiss Moraine State's Outstanding TeenN. Isabella St.
62YesArnold VFC Firemans BandRoebling Park
63YesArnold VFCE. Water St.
64YesSaxonburg AgwayN. Isabella St.
65YesButler Township Fire District #3E. Water St.
66YesAmerican Red CrossN. Isabella St.
67YesFreeport VFDE. Water St
67YesFreeport VFD/ EMSE. Water St.
68YesBrandy Maries Gymnastics and BMCRoebling Park
69YesPioneer Hose VFCE. Water St.
70YesFord City Fire DepartmentE. Water St
71YesMarburger Farm DairyN. Isabella St.
72YesAllegheny Valley VFCE. Water St.
73YesBarrel TrainN. Isabella St
74YesPeebles District Vol Fire CoE. Water St.
75YesChuck Kennedy Auto SalesN. Isabella St
76YesFairview VFCE. Water St.
77YesStars and Stripes TruckN. Isabella St
78YesHilltop HoseE. Water St.
79YesChloe MartinN. Isabella St
80YesSomeday VFDE. Water St.
81YesWestminster UP ChurchN. Isabella St
82YesShaler Villa VFCE. Water St.
83YesYoung AmericansRoebling Park
TBDYesBlawnox VFCE. Water St.
TBDYesNew Kensington Fire Department 56-5TBD
TBDYesWest Deer VFD # 1N. Isabella St.
TBDYesThe Orchards of SaxonburgTBD
TBDYesThe Orchards of SaxonburgTBD
TBDYesMarkle vfd
TBDYesSouth Buffalo Township VFCE. Water St.
TBDYesSyria Shriner ChantersTBD
End of Parade List